“Claire is awesome. I can't recommend her highly enough. She sorted through clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry to make it more functional. In one day she took my closet from a messy unorganized mess to magazine worthy. It is has been almost a year now and still looks good. She set up a system that is easy to understand and follow. I can’t wait until she comes back to do the rest of the closets and pantry. I would highly recommend her!!"

- D, N Agoura, CA

“Dear Claire: I want to thank you for everything you did to help me transform my closet and for giving me the tools to eliminate the clutter and make my life more simple. You made a seemingly difficult and overwhelming task fun and easy and dramatically reduced my stress level. You were able to see things from my perspective and not push too hard. your services were flawless! I am forever grateful for your graceful presence and your ability to organize logically and structure systematically. you are professional, efficient, a pleasure to work with and delivered beyond my expectations. i will definitely be calling you again to keep the ball rolling.”

- A, M  Woodland Hills, CA

"What I loved about working with Claire was how creative and personal she was with both my belongings and my lifestyle. She takes the KonMari Method and really caters it to each client so they feel equipped and excited to live life the way they want to. I cannot recommend her enough if you want to discover the secret but missing ingredient to a more organized and happy life. I honestly smile every time I pull out my sock drawers now!"

- S T Venice, CA

“My husband and I started a home-based business and we needed assistance setting up our office, which was previously a dumping ground for everything in the house we didn’t know what to do with. Claire helped us clear out the space, we needed to dedicate to our new business, and set up binder and filing systems to get our business started on the right foot. Claire was wonderful to work with and I’d recommend her to anybody!”

- K J West Hollywood, CA

"From the moment that she arrived I felt more and more clarity about what needed to be done. Claire gave "hands on" help and advice. She is also very encouraging, positive, and down to earth. This is exactly what I was looking for to jump start my process of getting everything organized."

- M D Sherman Oaks, CA

I had a lovely experience working with Claire. She was born to help people organize! Not only is she highly organized herself, she is also energetic, motivated, a great communicator, friendly, down to earth and non-judgmental.  She has a ton of great ideas and solutions, and will give you prompts to help you come up with a vision for your space (and concrete goals to attain it).

- C L Studio City, CA

“Claire did a fantastic job helping organize our garage. She's very solution oriented. I felt a little self conscious about my messy garage but she was not judgmental at all. I wouldn't have been able to do the garage without her. I would have given up after a couple of hours but with her there, we kept going and finished the job. It looks wonderful now and I can actually park my car in there!”

- A N Hollywood, CA

"Claire has personally handled a declutter project at my home that would have taken me forever to accomplish, twenty plus years of closet accumulation. Also, I was not motivated to tackle the task. She came and went in a gust of fairy dust; removing all my 'unwanted items'.Not long after, Claire presented me with a nice check after selling the items and charity organizations donation receipts. I could not have been more pleased and thankful. My closets now are organized and functional. I would not hesitate to call on Claire again to bring order to my busy life and home. We love you Claire.

- D H West LA, CA

"After doing a ton of research to find some help with organizing my office space - I finally found Claire. Most of the companies I called prior either wouldn't answer their phone or wanted to book the appointment weeks out. Claire has been friendly, attentive, patient, and was able to schedule a time to help with office organization within just 2 days! She's professional, punctual, and did an amazing job for my office. Not only did she help with organization, but went the extra mile to assist in find the right desks for my space. You can see that Claire has a passion and truly cares that your space is neat and tidy. Look no further - call Claire"

- S H Brentwood, CA

I was overwhelmed looking at my disorganized small townhouse. Claire had wonderful ideas for correct placement of items in: living area, kitchen, hallway closet, bedrooms,& bathroom. She worked hard, was professional, kind, mindful, and listened to my concerns. I feel 10 tons have been lifted off my shoulders. I can now enjoy my place. I highly recommend Claire to anyone looking to declutter/organize their home!

- C B Calabasa, CA

"Claire is amazing and did a fantastic job on my Daughters home. I am so pleased with the work Claire performed. She is truly a professional and knows her work well. She performed way above my expectations. My Daughters home was transformed to a beautiful living space. I learned so much during this process. Claire, I look forward to you coming to my home to do the same. I highly recommend Claire and the services she provides. Thank you so much!"

- G T Studio City, CA

"Thank you Claire for making such a large impact on my big mess! After you left, I walked around my bedroom and the closet. It’s amazing to see the transformation. My bedroom and closet seem twice as large as they did before. Before today, I was finding it hard to believe I could ever get out from all my clutter. Now I know otherwise. Your energy and motivation are truly inspiring. I’m looking forward to continuing the organization process with you."

- M M Santa Monica, CA

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