Let me tell you a bit about myself...


I have always had a passion for organizing and helping others gain control of their surroundings. Organizing has always been a part of my life. I have been known as the "Go To" person to help others create a clutter free, healthy, and nurturing environment.  


Claire Haskell Interiors is a professional organizing & decorating company dedicated to helping people free their lives and environments from stress and clutter. I offer full home and office organizing, interior decoration, relocation, with an expansion of other services. My company is designed to meet the organizational needs of individuals. I believe there is no "one size fits all" organizing template. Each client is different; so a different system needs to be set up for the individual based on their exclusive personal needs. Some clients want to establish "homes" for all of their stuff, some want simply an eye for order. When it comes to clutter or disorganization, several key words come to mind: overwhelmed, anxiety, procrastination, embarrassment, frustration... Some or all of these might sound familiar to you. Clutterfree by Claire will provide creative solutions to help you get rid of these feelings and bring you to a point where you can enjoy the best of life.